Saturday, January 21, 2012

New release: Alpha 2!

I have implemented enough features in Lightningbeam that I feel it is ready for the second release. I have packages for Linux, Mac and Windows users, and on most systems they should work as-is.

Known package bugs:

  • There is no package for OSX Tiger. This is because there is a problem installing PyObjC which I haven't found a workaround for.
  • If using a newer version of Ubuntu:
    1. It may complain that it is a badly formed package. This is because I put pre-compiled binaries in a multi-architecture package. It will still work (unless you have an Itanium system or something), and I will look into fixing that.
    2. Unity causes a bug in GTK which makes it render some content (notably, the Timeline) outside the window. A workaround for now is to use Gnome instead.
This is still an alpha release, so features may be broken/unusable. However, it should be relatively stable with respect to crashing.

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